Today, there are more options to view television for films and original content. From the original outlets such as broadcast networks and cable outlets such as HBO and Showtime, now filmmakers have streaming outlets such as Netflix and Amazon for distribution choices. Between films and programming such as drama series, sitcoms, and reality, these program providers are always looking for new and creative programming. MSE is constantly working to develop as well as acquire content that meets the needs of these distributors/programmers.


Raindance, an independent filmmaker news source, printed an article talking about how streaming services has changed how we view television productions today, as well as creating opportunities for filmmakers. They wrote:
“So what does that mean for independent filmmakers? In the world of no-budget filmmaking, what do Disney, Netflix, Amazon and the others whose currency is millions of dollars have to do with us?
Well, they’re on the hunt for know-how. They need people who have the skills to tell stories. That is why Netflix snatched Shonda Rhimes away from ABC. They have the means to do it, and she’s a great storyteller who wants to do things her way, have more freedom and reach a global audience. It’s a match made in heaven.
Independent filmmakers? We know how to tell stories. Not just that, but singular, idiosyncratic stories too. The stories that are different. This is the skill that the giants want. Their names may rhyme with mainstream and lowest common denominator today. But once all those conglomerates are on an equal footing, they will want to differentiate themselves.
Amazon understood that with Transparent and Netflix has followed them with Dear White People. This is the kind of stories that independent filmmakers live for. And because we thrive under constraint, we will know how to adapt to the global audience, to the requirements of short form content and whatever form entertainment takes in the future.
The independents are ready. The giants just needed to catch up.”