Motion Scope Entertainment (MSE) production team consists of industry professionals with a track record of successful productions, both financially and through awards. Producers have a long- established relationship with studios, distributors, and foreign sales agents, which gives MSE and their investors a step above other independent productions. MSE structures productions with a budget structure to be very much investor and filmmaker friendly, while remaining competitive with larger budget studio film

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Independent films have become more and more dominant in the film market. In the 2010s, with both the increased production and waning interest of major studio sequels, more and more independent films have been at the forefront of major award wins. The upset Best Picture Oscar wins for Spotlight at the 2016 awards, and Moonlight at the 2017 awards had, and continues to have, a major impact on box office intake on major studio films in the present era, proving that the ever-growing success of independent films is not dependent on any particular format (Cinemascope, 3-D, or large format-shot films). To see a list of some of the most successful low budget independent feature films, visit
In addition to the traditional theatrical distribution, MSE is continuously looking to develop as well as acquire productions for streaming networks such as Netflix and Amazon.